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About Us

Harnessing the unbridled spirit of the Golden State, Califleur is a contemporary clothing brand that draws inspiration from the ghosts of fashions past and adapts them to the present—a unique hybrid of ‘60s/‘70s retro with a contemporary ‘je ne sais quoi.’

 And with landscapes and climates a-plenty, California’s diverse scenery is also at the forefront of our aesthetic. From the cooler shades of the coastline to the warmer hues of the desert, we've mastered the art of seamlessly interweaving these elements into every piece we select. 
But, don’t let our ‘free spirit’ vibes fool you. With clothing sourced from Australia, Great Britain, and North America, Califleur caters to the quintessential California girl, who is career-driven, forward-thinking, and constantly on the hunt for well-crafted garments at reasonable price points. Ultimately, our goal is to adorn you with fashionable clothing without surrendering quality, comfort, or style. 

So what’s in a name?  Literally speaking, Califleur breaks down to “California Flower” – “Cali” to mean California and “Fleur,” the French word for flower. But the Califleur moniker goes much deeper than this, each element carefully and thoughtfully chosen. First and foremost, the crossed arrows are a common Native American symbol signifying friendship. Here at Califleur we believe that friendship is the energy that powers healthier living, increased self-awareness and a willingness to accomplish more in life. Secondly, the single five-pointed star is an entity found in the far left corner of the California Republic flag, a representation of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water and, most importantly, the human spirit. The element which makes us most human. And finally, the single flower. For Califleur, this represents the California Poppy, the golden flower of our beautiful state. As poppy’s grow, their bud heads droop low, heavy with the promise of blossom, or life.

This is Califleur. Let your imagination fleur-ish.

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